Traineeships available now across Sydney

University not for you? A traineeship can be the perfect opportunity for you to develop your career. You’ll have the chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst working full time in a business. You’ll acquire invaluable, paid experience across a range of areas. This will truly set you apart in your future career. It’s […]

Youth Employment Success Stories Highlighted During National Skills Week

Celebrating Youth Employment The celebration of youth employment was a key focus of our National Skills Week event. In particular we wanted to highlight the opportunities available for job seekers through Traineeships. As a learning model, a traineeship is part paid job, part continuing study, and part work-experience that brings the practical skills and the […]

New IT Networking Service helping Not for Profits Connect

Last week we were proud to assist with the launch of Avenue, the latest business hub set up by the team at Fighting Chance. Avenue harnesses the time, skills and abilities of people with disability to bring epic brands to the world. As a social enterprise, being able to connect with customers is critical to […]

Partnership with nbn connects more Australians

WorkVentures are proud to announce our partnership with nbn, the company building the nation’s largest ever infrastructure project. Through the donation of nbn’s “end of life” laptop and desktop computers, thousands of low-income Australian households will be able to access technology and all the advantages it brings in our increasingly connected world. As a social […]

When a Jigsaw is a Solution Not a Puzzle

For many of us, a jigsaw is a holiday activity for a rainy day, its many pieces spread out on the dining room table ready to be reworked into something that’s bigger and better once all the pieces are fitted together. It’s a great analogy for the team at Jigsaw Business Solutions, an awesome social […]

How This Trainee Got His Head Start

When we talk to companies about the benefits of hiring a trainee, the focus is generally on what the trainee can do for the business. But there’s another side to the story. The opportunities for the trainee are often challenging, regularly positive and always life-changing. And no one tells it better than a trainee. Hi WorkVentures! […]

Top Seven Computer Care Tips

However much you choose to spend on your computer, it’s a necessary expense that should provide you with a healthy return on your investment. Note we’ve used the word ‘should’. Being the complex piece of hardware, and software, that it is, your computer does need care and attention to ensure it enjoys a long and […]

Community Banks And Social Enterprise – A Positive Social Impact Partnership.

When you think of the role banks play in our communities, it’s not always a positive association. There are those banks, and then there is Community Bank. Locally owned and operated, Bendigo Bank’s Community Bank branches involve themselves in the communities they operate in, fixing social issues and building positive community relationships. Social Enterprise in […]

Not All Browsers Are Created Equal

For many users, the browser their computer came with is the browser they will continue to use. However, there are many more to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. Some questions you may consider when deciding on your choice of browser, or browsers, may be: ·        Do you often have multiple tabs […]

The Day After International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, with the theme ‘Be Bold For Change’. There were heaps of interesting posts floating by on my social media feeds yesterday celebrating and strategising the future for women. Big visions, small wins, hopeful dreams and constructive feedback for how to do better. But waking up the day after, I wonder […]