Partnership with nbn connects more Australians

WorkVentures are proud to announce our partnership with nbn, the company building the nation’s largest ever infrastructure project. Through the donation of nbn’s “end of life” laptop and desktop computers, thousands of low-income Australian households will be able to access technology and all the advantages it brings in our increasingly connected world.

nbn technology donations

As a social enterprise with over 35 years history creating social inclusion through technology, WorkVentures Computer Refurbishment Program has provided over 60,000 low-cost computers to disadvantaged families and community groups including migrants, indigenous Australians, the elderly and the disabled. Devices are completely cleaned of information, upgraded and loaded with a suite of Microsoft software, donated by Microsoft’s Not for Profit Program, and sold at heavily reduced prices.

Social inclusion through technology

This year, nbn expect to hand over around 1,000 computers with further donations each year as their technology is refreshed.

“This partnership with nbn will not only help WorkVentures empower in-need communities with IT devices, it will also enable those groups to connect to the digital world where previously they wouldn’t have been able to.” said Jennine Blundell, CEO of WorkVentures.

Bridging the digital divide

With recent reports highlighting over 3 million Australian households are without access to technology, these donations will assist in bridging this digital divide and making a real difference.