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WorkVentures is here to help. Learn what the end of support means, what next steps to take and how we can support you.
For over 40 years, WorkVentures has been committed to empowering individuals and creating inclusive vibrant communities.
Today we are Australia’s leading IT social enterprise providing sustainable technology solutions, influencing digital inclusion in the community and igniting the potential in young people with meaningful skills, training and jobs.
The digital divide in Australia is deepening. The key to closing the gap and creating more socially inclusive communities is creating access to affordable, internet connected technology, and enabling people with the skills to use it.

We provide affordable, reliable computers to individuals and not-for-profits who otherwise could not access or afford this technology. Computers are donated by our partners and restored to an as-new condition, giving new life to technology and creating environmentally-sustainable IT solutions.
All technology includes personalised support, ensuring people are empowered with the confidence to use technology to its full potential.