The Day After International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, with the theme ‘Be Bold For Change’.

There were heaps of interesting posts floating by on my social media feeds yesterday celebrating and strategising the future for women.

Big visions, small wins, hopeful dreams and constructive feedback for how to do better.

But waking up the day after, I wonder what the ongoing impact will be from all these conversations.

Change is never easy.

But it is virtually impossible if you are trying to change the outer circumstances without changing yourself first.

International Women's Day

Our inner world of how we think, feel and speak has a huge impact on the outer world but it’s so easy to forget that and simply bang away at the external issues.

The most constructive thing we could all do at this juncture is reflect on our own attitudes, issues and behaviours.

And be honest with ourselves about what needs to change.

We can take charge of our own minds no matter what the external circumstances. There is one Buddhist saying that describes this perfectly:

“If the world is covered with thorns, instead of trying to cover it all in leather simply put shoes on your own feet.”

It’s cheaper, takes less maintenance and your example will help others to become wiser too.


Linda Graham McCann is WorkVentures CEO and an IT industry veteran. As Founder and Managing Director of Microsoft Australia, Linda was instrumental in initiating the partnership between WorkVentures and Microsoft which is still going strong today. She has founded and/or guided several successful not-for-profit organisations and is the inaugural recipient of Microsoft’s highest award for leadership. She is also a champion for compassionate outreach to help others.