The Day After International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, with the theme ‘Be Bold For Change’. There were heaps of interesting posts floating by on my social media feeds yesterday celebrating and strategising the future for women. Big visions, small wins, hopeful dreams and constructive feedback for how to do better. But waking up the day after, I wonder […]

Traineeships: A Mother’s Perspective

It’s always a good idea to show our appreciation for all that our Mums do for us. They help set us up for life and help to make us who we are and who we will become. Through our trainees, we’re privileged to meet some pretty amazing mums who care deeply about the path their children take in life. […]

Gardens In The Sky @ our Social Enterprise

Calling Costa! We’d like to think Gardening Australia would be impressed by our diverse social enterprise! Our roof top balcony garden is coming along very nicely. Planes fly overhead on their approach to Mascot Airport and trucks zoom past on one of Sydney’s busiest roads, but nothing stops the green thumbs of WorkVentures! A United […]