Gardens In The Sky @ our Social Enterprise

Calling Costa!

We’d like to think Gardening Australia would be impressed by our diverse social enterprise! Our roof top balcony garden is coming along very nicely. Planes fly overhead on their approach to Mascot Airport and trucks zoom past on one of Sydney’s busiest roads, but nothing stops the green thumbs of WorkVentures!

A United Nations of vegetables

It started life as a way to fill a space in amongst the existing jasmine beds, with the first plantings of parsley, coriander and rosemary now well established. The craze caught on with our multicultural team and it’s now a United Nations of vegetables. Taro from Fiji, Vietnamese mint, cabbages, tomatoes, pumpkin and more.

And lots of varieties of chillies!

Plus we have lots of chillies.
Everyone believes their chilli is the hottest chilli ever! We’re yet to test them out – any volunteers?

A social enterprise effort that feeds our stomachs – and our souls.