Top Seven Computer Care Tips

However much you choose to spend on your computer, it’s a necessary expense that should provide you with a healthy return on your investment. Note we’ve used the word ‘should’. Being the complex piece of hardware, and software, that it is, your computer does need care and attention to ensure it enjoys a long and […]

Donated Computers Travel from NSW to Timor

Sydney to Oecusse – much needed and much appreciated computers! These pictures record the recent journey of computer equipment donated by Westpac in Australia as it reaches its destination in Timor. Oecusse is a district of East Timor tucked away inside West Timor. It’s not the easiest place to get to with road or ferry, […]

A Trio of Big Names

The archives unearthed gold this week! Joining our founder, the late Steve Lawrence AO, grandfather of Social Enterprise in Australia is Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft  and one of the world’s leading philanthropists and The Honourable John Howard, 25th Prime Minister of Australia and a supporter of WorkVentures drive to provide access to computers for disadvantaged families. […]

Proof That Computers Can Change Lives

What difference has your computer made to your life? We love hearing from our Senior Geeks about all the ways your computer is making life easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes it’s a phone call, other times a Facebook message or an email. We don’t mind how it gets here, it’s knowing we’ve made a difference […]