The Benefits of Hiring a Trainee

No matter what industry your business operates in, you could potentially access a great range of benefits simply by making the decision to hire a trainee.


It’s cost effective!

Trainees receive a training wage and you save on administration costs. We manage all recruitment, advertising, payroll, tax, superannuation, worker’s compensation, training requirements, performance management and mentorship.
There is no recruitment fee to hire a trainee. Whilst you supply ‘on the job’ training, each trainee is allocated their own support consultant who guides them throughout the entire traineeship, taking a lot of the strain off your time.

You have control over training

You determine what qualifications and training your trainee receives, ensuring that the specific needs of your business are met. The trainee’s course work can be customised to suit the requirements of their role in your business. As an added benefit, we support the trainee’s tailored learning and development pathway.


So, what does a WorkVentures trainee look like?

The right trainee is sourced for you using our bespoke selection processes. Generally, our trainees have recently completed Year 11 or HSC. They have worked casually during their schooling in customer service or retail. Others will have had exposure to working in an office environment which has contributed towards an acceptable level of IT knowledge – so they already have transferable skills that you can build upon.

We can help you help the youth in your community

You and your business may value corporate social responsibility but you may be time poor. Engaging young people in traineeships is a way to ensure you have a real impact and make a valuable contribution.
A traineeship with your company will give young people an opportunity to develop the specific skills and knowledge that you are looking for.

You can increase staff retention

Trainees become loyal to the business that gives them a start.
Trainee contracts are initially for a specific time frame between 12– 24 months which allows you to manage your employment costs within that specified period. We have also found that over 75% of our trainees are taken on permanently and stay long term.

What roles do our trainees typically work in?

Our host employers include IT companies, accounting firms, law firms, financial services, schools, marketing firms and charities to name a few.
The roles in which we see trainees thrive include reception, office administration assistants, accounts assistants, marketing assistants, call centre help desks, IT customer support and software testers.

If you would like to get a trainee involved in your business, we would love to hear from you.

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