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At WorkVentures we believe everyone should be able to participate and make use of digital technologies. We strive to make quality refurbished computers affordable for those individuals in the community that might otherwise not have access to technology.

We therefore apply an eligibility criteria and provide payment plans ensuring assistance and support is provided to benefit card holders such as job seekers, single parents, seniors, migrants and indigenous Australians.

Benefit Card Holder Eligibility

If you possess any of the following you meet our eligibility criteria:
  • Centrelink CRN
  • Australian Government Benefit number
  • Jobseeker ID/JSID
  • Student ID
  • Seniors card

Payment Plans

We have a number of payment options available:

  • Centrepay
  • We deduct an agreed amount direct from your Centrelink payment up to 6 fortnights
  • You can increase your agreed amount to receive your computer package earlier
  • Payment option is easily completed over the phone.
  • Multiple Payments
  • You have three months to pay off
  • Payment schedule is flexible to suit your needs as long as computer package is paid off at the end of three months.
  • NILS (No interest loan scheme)
  • We can assist with information about this service which involves full payment up front and regular payments deduction from your Centrelink payment.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card over the phone
  • Online Transfer
  • Bank deposit
  • Money order
  • Cheque

If you possess any of the following you meet our eligibility criteri

Simply give us a call if you have any questions on our toll free number.